Mostly a multi-fandom blog. But I really enjoy Teen Wolf and crying over how perfect Dylan O'brien and Tyler Hoechlin are.


Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 ©


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Orny Adams to Stiles during a scene they were filming last week (x)

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you’re not hot enough to be this stupid
Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 ©

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I think our film can reach a wide variety of people. I feel like adults will like it, kids will like it, girls will like it, boys will like it. I hope all of these things are true. I also feel like all of them can dislike it. (laughter)

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Trunks…my son…How could I let this happen to my son? He has sacrificed everything for me. And I have done nothing but ignore him. I won’t give up on him! There is still time to change things. Cell has crossed me for the last time. He has tricked me in battle, mocked my Saiyan ancestry, but this time he has gone too far. He will pay the ultimate price…For what he has done to my son!

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stiles stilinski + plaid, part one

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